What Happens during a constellation?

What happens during a Constellation?

A group constellation workshop led by me will involve all attendees participating in each other’s stories as they play out during the course of the day. Each person will have a chance to constellate their issue using the other members of the group as representatives in their story .  Sometimes one will also represent abstract concepts such as “love” or a country etc. The representatives give me feedback during the session and I will offer prompts and vocabulary as the story plays out in 3D for you to observe. I will also be connecting to each and every representative energetically  and bring in the people or objects into the constellation to support those who need it and to move the story to completion.

It is in the observing of this process that one as the opportunity to gain perspective into your interpersonal dynamics and the source of your conflict or problem from an outside point of view.  This is done in a gentle manner that might be quite an emotional process and you will receive alot of support from the group members who will also share their stories with you. The sharing and combined experiencing allows you to work through and begin to heal the many layers we can accumulate around our hurts or problems. Check out the short explanation about group constellations here and what a representative is here

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A one one online constellation is somewhat different and I make use of guided visualization and meditative techniques to walk you through the different aspects surrounding your problem. I will introduce relevant people and scenarios for you to observe and to interact with.  These are held over Skype / Zoom or telephonically and scheduled in your time zone.  I see individuals and couples. Check out the short explanation on Youtube here

Participants in a group workshop in West Virginia USA

Life changing – beautifully healing!


My experience with Hayley was life-changing and beautifully healing. My limited perspectives were transmuted in the light of a fuller truth, and my hidden wounds were gently brought up to be loved, cleaned, and cleared. I feel new relief, clarity, compassion and empowerment. I am forever grateful for such a special offering. Hayley is most certainly called to do this. I highly recommend this service! A very big thank you to you, Hayley! 


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