What is Family Constellation? This work is highly effective in dealing with every facet of our lives and is an exceptional tool for providing perspective and tools to deal with everything from grief, to health issues, interpersonal dynamics, career issues, parenting and so on. In this work you will be working with me to find resolution and solutions to any challenges that you are facing. It is possible to explore different facets and aspects of your problem in a multi dimensional / multi disciplined manner. Being highly intuitive and a natural medium, I use a lot of intuitive skills in my approach. This explanation has been adapted from Wiki – Family Constellation was developed by Bert Hellinger in the 1990s. Many practitioners have blended Constellation work with psychological aspects of healing. Others have kept the classic form as taught by Bert Hellinger. The Constellation Approach merges concepts of Family Constellations, energy medicine, consciousness studies as well as wholistic medicine and Epigenetics.