Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get in touch with my departed loved ones? I can readily communicate with your loved ones and ancestors that have passed, the service I provide centers around  providing tools to resolve issues relating to you, and your relationships with them. If there are things you need to say and need to hear then I can often assist with this process. We often have touching reunions in this work and deeply emotional connections. If you feel there are unresolved issues or grief work that needs to be done, then this work is ideally suited to it. How come I can feel or hear someone else’s ‘thoughts’ or feelings when I am participating in a constellation? Am I psychic? We are all psychic and intuitive to a degree, this work focuses on our ability to let go of logic and pretense in order to be more open to the metamorphic field that mediums and psychics access all the time. It’s the Magic of the process that makes this work very unique, allowing you to tap into universal intuitive knowledge in a more conscious way than you normally would in every day life. When you are a representative in this process, I have created a safe space in which to explore the situation being addressed and you are more easily able to ‘tune in’ and relay sensations, thoughts or feelings that arise pertaining to a particular story. How come I am more intuitive or energy sensitive afterwards? and should I be worried? This is a phenomena that many of my clients experience. Our work together taps into your own intuitive abilities and like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. By opening yourself up to exploring your other senses, you are more able to access the gifts they bring. Everyone has intuition. It is your own inner voice and ‘gut’ feeling about people and situations, being more intuitive is a good thing that can help bring clarity, when anxious or nervous or making decisions. It is not anything to be worried or concerned about. Why aren’t you listed under the South African association of Family Constellators? I trained before it was formed, by some who trained under Bert Hellinger, as my instructor did. The grounds for acceptance required training and apprenticeship hours to be done with one of their nominated trainers and as I already done my training and many hours of apprenticeship, I did not see the benefit of retraining. Are you a psychic medium? Yes I am but not all family Constellation facilitators are. How can I work with you? do you work online? YES I do. I work with many people from around the world using a number of different platforms. I also see people in person. I do couples and one on one sessions as well as group Constellations. Can I see about other lifetimes with this work? Anything that is relevant to your journey is possible with this work. It is not uncommon for karmic links and past life issues to appear whilst exploring a client’s story.