Working with the Ancestors

How did this work come about? The genesis of this work stemmed from Bert Hellinger’s experience as a psychotherapist and Catholic missionary stationed in Natal, South Africa. During his time there, he witnessed the transformative power of the Zulu people’s ancestral traditions and rituals in effecting positive change and healing within their communities.  Hellinger investigated the notion that our cellular and soul connections to our lineage can perpetuate systemic beliefs and unique struggles that can be altered to produce more favorable outcomes. His approach, while rooted in Western therapeutic methods, shares similarities with traditional healing practices. This work focuses on the examination of relationship bonds and the energetic imprint they create. We work to create greater self-awareness and intentional parenting, leading to legacies of love and wellness passed down through generations. Epigenetics, the study of inherited trauma, is central to this work, exploring how generational trauma informs our behavior and affects our emotional and mental states. Understanding and honoring its origins and the journeys of those within our systems can help bring healing and balance to our present and future well-being.