My Services

These are a list of my services. Online services can be scheduled to coincide with your time zone. I am based in South Africa (GMT-2) and in the same time zone as  CEST.

One on one / couples online or in person

Book your individual online session where we will explore your issues with your own personal constellation. or a couples session where we look at your relationship dynamics and help to solve your challenges or assist you with a specific issue.

Group Constellation

Group Constellations take place where members of a group will take turns representing parts of each other's stories.


Retreat Weekends where we delve deeper and experience a healing journey in beautiful settings. Book your own personalized retreat experience with a group of friends or join one that is organized.

Space clearing

Space clearing – clearing the energy of your home or office or building. Ridding it of cumulative or persistent energetic patterns

Bridge Crossing

Bridge Crossing- working with earthbound spirits or ghosts enabling them to cross over to the other side. I've helped many cross over from farms, theatres, hotels and homes. Joining with their loved ones on the other side in joyous reunion.

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