What does my work entail?

My work remains deeply rooted in Family Constellation work and is the primary format I use, but has evolved over time to include psychotherapeutic aspects. 

Working with me, is part therapeutic experiencing and part energy healing.

Recent years has seen my work become more focused on wholistic self integration with some similarities to internal family systems work, working on aspects of one’s self. The approach of Family Constellation systems work lends itself to exploring and examining any and all aspects of our internal and external lives. Each individual session is as individual as the clients who see me.


Is the study of trauma and how it affects generations of people in the same family through gene transfer. It may play out differently for individuals in the system but often shows up in later generations. Through this work, we are able to bring those issues to light and work to heal them.


Family Constellation work deals with Ancestral ties and lineages. Uncovering imbalances in the system helps to heal not only the person receiving a session but everyone in their family system.


So many clients are able to address their grief and loss by working with it in a very tangible way and communicating with those they’ve lost, through me.


We are able to use our bodies as indicators to where imbalances may be within us, becoming aware to where  emotions are stored or trapped within the body. By working with body feedback we are able to release these.


Beliefs and views that have been formed in childhood can often affect us into adulthood. When we speak to the inner child within us and integrate our childhood selves we are able to regain our childhood innocence and exuberance for life.


It is useful for us to work with parts of ourselves that may need attention. Parts that may need to be brought to the fore or retired. This work allows us to address these parts and restore balance within ourselves,

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