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Mercury is still retrograde and the energies are building up towards the upcoming New Moon in Virgo, we decided to come up with a very special offering to support you during these challenging times of change and accelerated evolutionary growth, where healing is needed more than ever.

Mila from Moonlight Soul – recently did a session with me and here’s what she had to say! Check out her page on Facebook and Instagram for Evolutionary Astrology readings!

This is a recent interview I did with The Aquarian Age woman channel on YouTube, explaining a bit about Constellation work.

This is an old video which I made to explain and show the process of family constellation work. 

The Turkish series, Another Self portrays the story of a group of friends who take a trip to help their friend heal. Along the way they each experience healing of their ancestral lines and help unravel their personal dilemmas through Family Constellation group sessions, described in the series as “Family Expansion” 

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