About me

Who am I?

I facilitate healing and introspective journeys. The process I facilitate is a blend of Family Constellation work, combined with my mediumship abilities and psychotherapeutic approach which allows clients to explore many different concepts and challenges in a non confrontational but incredibly healing manner. The way I present my group workshops is quite different to how I work one on one.

The process I facilitate allows clients to see solutions that may not have been apparent before and to voice the things they may not have been able to, to challenge themselves and their beliefs and to release any generational trauma or dysfunction that may be affecting their lives. The difference between my work and conventional Family Constellation work, I think, lies in the approach I take and to how I incorporate other techniques and methodologies that I may be intuitively guided to share during a session.

I don’t do psychic readings. My primary work is in facilitating a healing process that is beneficial to each client I see.


How I came to do this work

I lost my mom at age 6 in a car accident. This event was the catalyst for enormous change in my life and my circumstances and was perhaps what set me on the trajectory I’ve been following since. The path of healing has been a multi faceted and fascinating journey and I’ve spent my life gathering skills to use when life throws our lives into chaos. Putting these into practice in my own life and that of my family’s has been my goal since having children of my own.  

When my eldest son was born with Autism I was pushed to heal my own trauma in order to support him better and I had to also confront how society often fails those who are most vulnerable. His birth also amplified my spiritual journey and the discovering of my extra sensory gifts.

Changing the scripts and inherited patterns is something we live by in my home,  as we transmute some of the hardest themes inherited through our own family lineage and through tragedies and circumstances that have affected us in sometimes earth shattering ways – I am constantly learning and revising my views on how the universe works.  

Many of the events that have touched me personally are universal in nature and many of the clients who’ve come to see me have been battling with similar challenges in their own lives to some degree or another. Providing a safe container for people who may never have experienced a truly safe space to unpack their ‘stuff’ and by sharing my wisdom with this work, has allowed me to assist others in their own journey towards peace and healing.  

"My extensive experience working with clients from all walks of life in all parts of the world, combined with my own personal journey, has given me invaluable insights into the most sensitive of issues. I am here to guide you on your journey towards self-discovery, healing and growth. I provide a non judgemental and safe space for you to begin, or deepen your own healing journey"

My Training

I completed my Constellation training in 2008 under a local facilitator, who had trained with Bert Hellinger, who is the originator of Family Constellation work. I combine my intuitive abilities with the fundamental Bert Hellinger foundations for family systems. I am always exposing myself to new methodologies, new approaches, new therapeutic feedback techniques and bring this awareness to the work I do with clients

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